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Accountability, habit, and knowledge allow super-heroes to masterfully wield their gifts. The same is true for writers. If you've ever felt you've fallen victim to the Muse's fickle whim or struggled with consistent productivity, congratulations - you've found your way home. While this site is called Accountability for Writers, we go beyond that: those in-the-know may confess under duress that it's really the proving ground for super-heroes of the written word. Here, butt-in-the-seat commitment is taken seriously. So too is the understanding that you are already a writer, even if you aren't ready to fully own it yet. You'll see; spend some time here, commit to your craft, and watch your your inner writing super-hero bloom. Again, welcome. I'm so glad you're here.


Fitness For Writers – Brain food and Workouts. Concise posts on maximizing productivity when writing, pitching, publishing, marketing, and selling, plus drills and routines to reinforce powerful habits.


Coming soon! Important Supplements for writers, a key component of the healthy writer’s diet.

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Activities, tools & gifts to hone your writing super-powers.

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Accountability for Writers Community: Concrete, focused support as you regularly flex your writing muscles. Come as you are, no cape necessary, we already know you’re a super-hero. The key is showing up.

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Support as you master your gift - are you ready to soar?

When we develop a foundation of good writing habits, we invest in our journey into the life of the fully self-actualized writer - an incredibly rewarding adventure. But good habits require vigilance, as life has a way of presenting distractions and challenges that will quickly steal our attention from our best intentions. If you feel you're ready for the next level of support in developing your writing habit and maximizing your productivity, why not work with a book doula who can help you navigate the bugaboos of the writing life?
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What’s a Book Doula?

Just as a birth doula provides preparation, support, and coaching during pregnancy and child support, a book doula supports you as you build your writing habit, increase your productivity, and work toward birthing your best work.
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Laura Saba

Author, Book Doula, Productivity Coach, Professional Organizer
Laura’s been published traditionally, and she’s self-published, and she’s ghosted; she’s a birth, death & mourning doula and founder of Momdoulary and Mourning Doula trainings, is a life coach, professional organizer, and health coach. Daily she battles the bugaboos of the writerly life.

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